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The process of filing for Social Security Disability can be complicated. contact us to find out if we can help.

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Filing a Social Security Disability Claim with an Attorney in California

The disability benefits offered by the Social Security Administration can provide a lifeline for people who might otherwise go without the financial support they need to deal with the effects of their physical or mental impairment. While it is not the intention of the SSA to deny anyone who is eligible for benefits, the fact is that even seemingly minor errors may cause your application to be denied.

At LS Disability, our attorneys understand just how much depends on this claim for you and your family, and we can help you do what is necessary to ensure your application is as complete as possible when you file it with the SSA. You should reach out to a member of our legal team if you live in California and plan on filing for Social Security disability benefits.

How We Can Help with Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

To make sure you avoid any of the administrative errors that may cause the SSA to deny your application, you should work with an attorney to complete and file your application by the applicable deadline. Our legal team can help you collect all the information you will need to file a complete claim, including but not limited to documentation that shows the following:

  • A detailed medical description of your physical or mental impairment
  • A list of jobs you worked before you became unable to work
  • Your service in the U.S. military, if applicable

Though the application process for disability benefits may be stressful, our legal team can help you work through every aspect of the process so you can file a complete application before the applicable deadline and put all of this behind you once and for all.

Consult with a Social Security Attorney in California about Filing Your Claim

If you have been diagnosed with a physical or mental impairment you believe qualifies you for disability benefits, our legal team can help you ensure your application is as complete as possible when file your claim with the Social Security Administration. To speak with one of the lawyers at LS Disability about the specifics of your claim, please call our offices at today.

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