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The process of filing for Social Security Disability can be complicated. contact us to find out if we can help.

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David Villec and Lorna Steward, take the time to listen and hear you before jumping to conclusions.They work harder than anyone I know to win a case for each client. They are honest and tell it like it is; not just what I want to hear. The set realistic outcomes and don’t promise things they can’t deliver. This is as good as it gets.
– Chuck E. Eureka, CA

LS Disability was there for me, even when the judge made false statements in my hearing. They stood by me and won over $70,000 in my SSI case.
– David A.

I had been on SSI my whole life. Ten years after my father died, Social Security upgraded my claim to Disabled Adult Child. LS Disability was able to get DAC benefits paid for the entire period, over $150,000.
– Chris S.

LS Disability made the process of filing for Disability seem easy. After our initial consultation, my case was granted in 3 months.
– Lisa M.

I had been homeless, abusing drugs and not seeing a doctor when I met LS Disability. David helped me get on GR, food stamps and into a clean and sober house. He instructed me on how Social Security view cases. He motivated me to get clean and start seeing a doctor for my problems. I followed his recommendations and my case was granted a short time later.
– Mary W.

Lorna, David and the whole staff at LS Disability made me feel confident that my case would be handled with compassion and professionalism. Their constant communication enabled me to stay on the right track with my treatment. They even recommended clinics or specialists when needed.
– Jan W.

When I came to LS Disability, I had advanced skin cancer that was untreated. David immediately got me in to see a doctor, who was able to schedule surgery. Not only did they win my case, but my outlook on life has completely changed.
– Sherry K.

I was working in Orick, CA 10 hours a day for $1/hour. When I came to Eureka for a Social Security doctor’s appointment, I also went to LS Disability’s office. David immediately realized that I suffered from TBI and was a bit slow. He took me to Social Services and got me on GR, food stamps and Medi-Cal. He then took me to my doctor’s appointment. He helped me get away from my abuser in Orick and into an assisted living facility. LS Disability also won my case. Today, I consider David my friend.
-Mario L.

My prior representative in my case made me fill out all the forms and get all my doctor’s records. They never returned my calls and dropped my case right before the hearing. When I met Lorna and David, the explained that their job was to take care of all that work, so that I could concentrate on getting better. I felt my case was in the right hands and they won.
– Linda J.

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